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Speakman Shower Heads for Your Home

Each year, thousands of people switch to Speakman shower heads, rather than put up with the one that came with their shower installation. As you may be aware, Speakman units have a reputation for being some of the finest in the world.

Shower Heads for Your Home

In fact, many of the best hotels make use of these shower heads. No matter whether you are looking to save water, or choose from a wider range of spray options, Speakman shower heads can easily suit all of your needs.

Chances are, you always spend some time twisting and turning in the shower in order to get the spray to reach your legs and lower abdomen. At the same time, if you are taller than usual, then you will always wind up looking for just the right spot to wash your hair in.

Fortunately, Speakman manufactures shower heads that feature two spray units. Rather than try to adjust the entire unit, you can simply take advantage of the two heads while you are washing. As an added bonus, when you buy Speakman shower heads, you will always be able to enjoy knowing that these durable units will last for years on end.

It's 2016. Can ADHD be cured yet?

Sometimes I like to tell myself that my enhanced creativity and zest for novel experiences is a "good thing."

"Look at me! I have more interests than anyone else I know!" I tell myself, forcing a grin at the thought of my special uniqueness.

concentration zen method
But the truth is very few of us with ADHD genuinely like the way it contorts our thought patterns. It's just plain hard to function when so much of our day requires focus.

Paperwork, meetings, staying on schedule -- when you have ADHD, all of these checklist items turn into obstacles in a never ending gauntlet.

So can ADHD be cured yet? I mean, it's 2016 and we're making huge inroads on more serious ailments like HIV and certain cancers. So why not ADHD?

"It can't be medically cured -- that's a high bar that suggests basically "it's 100% gone. But it can be functionally managed to the point that your focus can meet or exceed everyone around you who wasn't born with ADHD." says Sean Desilva, ADHD coach and author of the Concentration Zen ADHD Relief System.

"The brain has tremendous potential to rewire itself for specific tasks using specific training principles. ADHD symptoms are no different."

The concept he is referring to is known as “neuroplasticity.”  Brain researchers have recently discovered that the same plastic nature of brain development that allows children to pick up language effortlessly from a young age, actually continues on into our adult years. Most of us fall into a lull as we age and gain confidence in certain ways of thinking, effectively slowing down the natural change frequency. But the brain's neuroplastic quality remains throughout.

"Another thing you have to consider is what the brain has been built from. There are tens of thousands of known nutrients. And you're seeing less than 2% of the when you eat the standard American diet." Mr. Desilva further points out that many of these nutrients we often miss have been tied directly to focus issues that 12% of the population now experience with ADHD.

"And when you actually start eating healthy, surprise surprise! The brain is able to up-regulate its specific focusing capability. It's basically a natural form of Adderall without the side effects."

The first pillar of the Concentration Zen Natural ADHD relief system, unsurprisingly, is diet focused. Sean goes in depth into the latest science of focus enhancing nutrition, including what nutrients to add to your diet, foods they're founded in, and recipe suggestions for meal preparation.

"Now when your mind is properly nourished for the first time, it is more receptive to training to stay on task," Sean elaborates. His lifestyle based ADHD relief program progresses into a mental training regimen that even kids can follow. After weeks of consistent daily practice, the ADHD scatter brain and impulsivity fades and the affected person is able to focus with ease.

So can ADHD be cured? No. But it can be functionally conquered, using a program like Concentration Zen.

If ADHD is affecting you or someone you know, check out the Concentration Zen system to see if it’s right for you: Clic here!

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